Here are some testimonials of the solution cream

Pipe Explosion

Dr. Miller, the inventor of the Solution Cream itself, was severely burned with first, second, and third degree burns from his forehead to his waist after a pipe explosion in his home. The plastic surgeon agreed to use Dr. Miller’s cream for any topical application on the skin.  Sixteen days later, it was as if he had never been burned. 

The doctor was astounded, as he was ready to schedule two skin grafts, which were then cancelled.

Car Radiator Burn

Michael Espina was working on his car when the exhaust pipe burned his arm. His mother had some of the Solution Cream on hand. These are the results after one day of using the cream.

Baby in Philippines

This baby crawled through an open fire and burned his hand. After just two weeks of applying the Solution Cream, you couldn’t even tell he had gotten hurt. A full video can be found on our “testimonials” page on our website.


“Everyone hates them! I have really bad allergies and most of my break outs happen a lot on my arm hands.

It burns and feels like fire all the time and is very swollen to the point that it’s embarrassing. But after using the burn cream I am a totally new person.

After one week of using the burn cream… well look at my pictures and you can see for yourselves 😁 I have more confidence now and I am happy with the results. It’s been 2 months and I’m still a happy person thanks to the burn cream.”

Heat Burn

“Mark Lucas got a heat burn from boots.  Its happened before and it took over a week to heal. 

Using the cream it went away in 2 days.”